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Student Focus
Student Focus
Name: Lillian McDaniel
Age: 11
Parents: Brent and April McDaniel
School and Grade: Fort White Elementary School, 5th grade
Principal: Thomas Lashley

What clubs or organizations, both in and out of school, do you belong to? FWES Robotics Team, Battle of the Brains Team, Sargent of the School Safety Patrol, New Life Outreach Ministries.

What would you like to do when you get out of school? Not really sure. I want to go to college and get a really good education.

Achievements: It’s a big honor to be on the Battle of the Brains team. “A” Honor roll for the past four years. Scored all 5’s on the FSA. Named to Safety Patrol as a 4th grade student.

What do you like best about school? The teachers here, they are always really nice and helpful. I really like math, it’s my favorite.

Teacher's comments about student: Lilly is a natural leader. As Mayor of our fifth grade class during a field trip to Enterprise Village, she made sure things operated smoothly, and with great productivity. She even led our student contingency who reported back to our families during an evening PTO meeting. Needless to say, she is a top-notch student, and, more importantly, a first-class person.

Principal's comments concerning student's involvement: She is exactly what we want in a student. She is involved, always helpful, and gives 100% all the time. On top of that, she is friendly to all peers and staff and a pleasure to have at our school.

Student's comments concerning honor: It is really amazing. I’ve never had anything like this before.

  • FWES Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
       FWES Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
    Fort White Elementary School's 2018 Volunteers of the year. (L-R) Kathy Seewald, Adult Volunteer; Sophia Miller, Youth Volunteer; and Jeanette Slaymaker, Senior Volunteer.
  • Elks Hoop Shoot winner from FWES
       Elks Hoop Shoot winner from FWES
    Jayden Jackson, a ten-year-old fourth grade student at Fort White Elementary, is the latest Elks Club Hoop Shoot winner for this area. Jayden one first place for his school, then for Columbia County, and finally placed second at the Florida State Regional competition in Tallahassee, competing in the 10-11 year old classification. Of his accomplishments, Jayden said, "I tried my hardest. I did my best. I had to practice a lot." Jayden is the son of Fort White High School's head football coach Demetric Jackson. His mother Kem Jackson teaches second grade at FWES.
  • STEM night @ FWES
     STEM night @ FWES
    STEM air bag: For the air bag activity, we were given a long tube. We had to tie it and turn it into a bag. Mr. Gatzke then challenged us to try and blow it up. This took a long time. He then showed us a trick that allowed us to fill it up with one breath. We learned about the science of Bernoulli's principal by doing this activity. Shown clockwise from lower right: Christian Steinhagen, Elijah Rothrock, Sunshine Harris, teacher Alan Gatzke, and Laura Stalnaker.
  • STEM night at FWES
    STEM night at FWES
    STEM color pinch and mix: For pinch and mix, we gad gels in the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow. We got to choose which two we would put in a small bag. We then pinched the gel and made it very thin. We saw a new color formed when the two were mixed. We learned about the science of color and mixtures by doing this activity. Shown teacher Corieann Menolasino leads a pair of students to create secondary colors.
  • STEM Night at FWES
    STEM Night at FWES
    STEM grow gators: For grow gators, we took a small capsule and placed it in warm water. We observed as the outer capsule went away and a larger object came out and formed an animal we got to take home. Each student was also given a small alligator to take home and put in water for a few weeks to see what happens. We learned about mass and volume by doing this activity.STEM grow gators 2: (L-R) FWES students Courtney Handy and Aoywn Adams enjoying STEM activities. Grow Gators Station pic Shown: teacher Mary Anne Gilmer leads Tessa Pearce and her daughter Sheraleena through the Growing Gators activity.
  • FWES Science teacher earns state level honor
     FWES Science teacher earns state level honor
    Fort White Elementary School Science Teacher Janet Schnauss Sweat was recently named to the Board of Directors of the Florida Association of Science Teachers (FAST), representing Region Three. This is a tremendous professional honor, especially considering that Jan works in Fort White and is representing teachers from numerous school districts across north Florida. Sweat is well known to the science education community in Columbia County, having taught at several schools and also serving as a teacher support colleague for Science. She transferred to Fort White Elementary in the 2017 school year. Said her principal, Tom Lashley, "We are extremely blessed to have Jan Sweat on staff, both from a teaching perspective for the kids and from a peer perspective, to learn from her. She is an extremely talented and innovative educator, well versed in STEM and other new areas for science and mathematics. In addition, she is always up for volunteering for anything that will help kids. I couldn't be happier with this for her, and for our school to be where she teaches each day."

    Sweat’s innovative approach to teaching STEM was featured in on front page of the April 2018 edition of NSTA Reports, a publication of the National Science Teachers Association. When she taught middle grades science, Ms. Sweat's project include making running cars by reworking broken toys. As she was quoted in NSTA Reports, her students "would take apart broken toys to create cars that run. We would repurpose motors and create circuits. A broken PlayStation became a car with a pop-up top and headlights. The students were extremely creative.” She went on to say that before diving into auto assembly, the students were required to sketch out their designs. Said Sweat, "The art piece was necessary to show what will the thing look like? What is the energy source? How will the circuit be designed?" She noted that after this hands-on project, the students "remembered those circuits and did well on tests."

  • FWES Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
     FWES Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
    Fort White Elementary School enjoys the time and talents of many volunteers, from students attending Fort White High School to parents and grandparents. Recently, we celebrated our wonderful Volunteers with an appreciation breakfast. Carol Barnett, Debbi Hubbell, and Michelle Daughtry hosted 29 volunteers who came for breakfast, including our three Volunteers Of the Year, Jeanette Slaymaker, Kathy Seewald and Sophia Miller.

    The CRT room was transformed into a tropical paradise to show our appreciation to our FWES volunteers.
2017-2018 FWES Spelling Bee Winner
2017-2018 FWES Spelling Bee Winner
Rosalie Speer, fifth grade student at Fort White Elementary, spelled the words "opponent" and "Bulletin" to win the school Spelling Bee in the ninth round of competition.
Box Top Classroom Deadline is 5/25/18
Box Top Classroom Deadline is 5/25/18
Please save Box Tops and turn into the office or Ms. Gilmer in the tech lab. We also collect the following:
*Coke product caps, plus # inside coke boxes
* Tyson ++ reward labels from chicken products

Fort White Methodist Church at 185 Well Street, Fort White, Florida formed a partnership with "Childrens Table"; to have food available for needy families every Wed. starting at 12:30 pm.

Seeking proctors for the FSA Reading and Math that starts 4/17, please contact Carol Barnett 386-344-3006
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School Grade
The School Grade Report for 2016-2017 school year is available for you to review. Our school earned a school grade of a “C”. Overall proficiency was 63 %. You may visit our front office to view and or obtain a copy of the report. You may also request to have a copy sent home by contacting Carol Barnett CRT.
If you need additional information concerning our school grade or the School Grade Report, please contact our principal at 386-344-6301